Community Census Raw Data

Publicly Available Census Data

Raw census dat that does not contain information that that can be attributed to a specific household may be downloaded immediately by completing the public data use agreement form linked below. For reporting and tracking purposes, we ask that you include your contact information and a description of intended use of the data prior to receiving a link to download the file in Microsoft Excel format (*.xlsx).

Request immediate access to anonymized census data

Restricted Access Census Data

In order to be better connected to social and community services, many community residents completed a Community Connections Agreement and agreed to share their contact information.  If your organization would like to better provide services to Greater Hazelwood community residents, you may complete the full survey data request form linked below and request access to the contact information of community residents that completed the Community Connections Agreement. Your request will be reviewed by the GHCC, and you will be contacted via the email address supplied in the form within 1 week of your request.

Submit use proposal for detailed census data for

List of Census Questions

Organizations conduct similar types of community surveys and may draw insight from the list of questions used for the Greater Hazelwood Community Census.

Question list in HTML

The question list (Excel file) for download.

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