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Public art installation at Johnson Ave and 2nd in Hazelwood


All artists are local. Visionaries of all kinds live and work in Greater Hazelwood, working in diverse mediums such as photography, graphic design, installation art, painting, and gardening. Their work–some of which is featured on this site–enriches this site’s mission of increasing understanding about the quality of life in Greater Hazelwood. The primary way this site seeks to do that is by sharing data of various types that inform readers about what life is like in the neighborhood.

One core data source is the Greater Hazelwood Census, the details of which are featured in Exploration Areas. Surveys can effectively shed light on the opinions and needs of a large group of people by combining their responses in computer programs and analyzing their responses using some basic math and charts to display the results. Unlike the census data, the images and art featured here was created by only one or a few people. This is data, too. Rather than providing a breadth of understanding about many people, art offers a depth of insight into the lived experience of the artists that can also be very meaningful in understanding a community. This term community implies a social relationship between people, and understanding the individual expression of some of those individuals helps all of us–residents and visitors alike–understand how folks are relating to one another.

The deep data that art offers can hardly be captured on a survey form, and is the reason for this component of the greaterhazelwoodcensus.org site.

If you are an artist in the neighborhood and have work that you’d like to feature on this page, you are invited to call or email the site coordinator, Eric Darsow at eric@greaterhazelwoodcensus.org or 412.923.9907 (m).

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