Quality Of Life

Satisfaction in the Community:

An unorthodox question that is often not asked in most census questions asks about a community’s happiness.  Having this unique set of question that attempts to parse through the happiness and general satisfaction of the community provides a unique data set that reveals some interesting conclusions about the community.

When asked about the current quality of life of the household, 23% answered that their quality of life had improved while 43% claimed that it had declined.

Current QOL (2)



Another question to the community asked how happy they were at the current time.  Because of the ambiguity of the question, comparing the arbitrary values to each other would not help conclude anything statistically.  Therefore, looking closer at each region of Greater Hazelwood to examine a possible difference in the numbers could possibly reveal a region that was happier or sadder than others.  However, after conducting a chi-squared test on the data, no region was significantly different from the others to draw a conclusion.  Just from viewing the distributions of the data, it is clear the data curves do not differ too heavily, corroborating the statistical test.

Geographic Happiness


Another telling aspect of the community in Hazelwood seemed to be a lack of a close-knit community. When asked about what households liked most about Hazelwood, the two lowest responses were both community institutions and the close-knit community.

What do you like best about Hazelwood-


Community Engagement

In regards to the low amount of affection the community seemed to have for its institutions, examining the community’s willingness to participate and help out revealed some positive results.  Despite less than half of the overall Greater Hazelwood community answering that they currently volunteer, where 57% of households said they would be willing to donate 2 hours of their time to volunteer in the neighborhood.


Would you volunteer for Hazelwood-


Furthermore, when comparing what activities that Hazelwood would like to see most in the community to what special skills people have to volunteer, kids activities/teaching came up as the most common response for both, showing an important direction the community might consider.

What Activities do you want to see


Special Places in Hazelwood

To look more at what makes Hazelwood and Pittsburgh a special place for residents, the survey also asked a few questions about what places in Greater Hazelwood were most important to them.

Favorite Places in Hazelwood


For the rest of Pittsburgh, residents were also asked where a new bus route would go if it connected Greater Hazelwood to somewhere else.

Bus Route in Hazelwood

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