Hazelwood Survey Overview

Geographic Distribution of Survey Respondents

The figure below shows the distribution of survey respondents for the Greater Hazelwood Community Census.

American Community Survey data for Context

The American Community Survey (ACS) is an annual survey of randomly selected households in communities across the United States. Survey responses are averaged over a five-year period to provide more reliable data. The ACS is a useful tool to better understand and supplement the information provided by the Greater Hazelwood Community Census.  The figure below provides ACS population estimates for the census block groups in and around the Greater Hazelwood Community.

Age of respondents

As seen in the graph below, the entire age range from 18 to 85+ was represented in the survey responses.
The age group with highest number of respondents was 55 – 64 years with 164 (22%) respondents. The age group with least number of respondents was 85+ with 31 (4%) respondents.


Ethnicity and race of respondents

While the survey itself didn’t record ethnicity/race of respondents, the American Community Survey (ACS) 2014 5-yr data shows following:


Here are some additional detailed looks into the survey responses and other resources:

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