About 1300 children under the age of 18 live in Hazelwood (about 24% of the total Hazelwood population). The Greater Hazelwood Community Census asked parents about education and other issues related to their children.

School enrollment
School attendance by school type

Most children in the community attend public schools. According to the survey, the most attended schools are Pittsburgh Public School’s Allderdice HS, Minadeo K-5, and Mifflin K-8.

However, many of the survey responses are from 2013. Since then, Propel Hazelwood, a K-5 charter school, has opened in the neighborhood, with roughly half of the 250 enrolled students from Hazelwood.

Of 23 respondents with children ages 3-5, 12 have children that attend Head Start (52%). These children either attend the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center and Pittsburgh Public Schools Head Start programs.

School quality

82% of respondents rated the quality of their children’s education as either good, very good or excellent. 75% said that their child’s school was welcoming. (100 respondents)

Parents were asked to name the biggest challenge their children faced in school. The biggest response was bullying 18%. 33% report no problems. (217 respondents)

School challenges as reported by parents

After school activities

48% of parents report that their children participate in organized after-school activities. 20% of parents with an opinion of after-school programs think they are of poor quality. Perceived quality is much higher among parents with children who participate in afterschool programs.

Rating of after school program quality

Perceived afterschool quality much lower in Glen Hazel (see map):

After school program quality by location

The most requested after-school activities were sports and tutoring.

Of 31 parents who gave reasons for why their children weren’t involved in after-school activities, the most common reasons were “Limited options in my community” and “Safety”, each being given by 13 respondents.

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