The Greater Hazelwood Community Collaborative (GHCC)  is an organization of organizations that works collectively to align resources to achieve economic, social and physical outcomes for all Greater Hazelwood community residents and stakeholders.

Census Essentials

In 2013, the GHCC contracted Jackson/Clark Partners to perform a community-wide census.  Data gathered assessed residents’ points of pride and areas of concern with respect to the array of changes underway in Greater Hazelwood.

The census data consists of several groups of respondents:

  • About 800 residents responded to a basic set of questions about general aspects of life in the neighborhood, such as overall satisfaction with life in Hazelwood and the appearance and condition of homes.
  • About 400 of the total respondents answered an extended set of questions concerning more specific dimensions of life in the community such as priorities for revitalization projects and the professional skills and civic interests that each respondent brings to the community development process.

Target audience for census data

Many individuals and organizations collaborate to collectively address the interests and needs of Greater Hazelwood residents. Specifically, the following groups could benefit for the census data:

  • Organizations seeking background information on the community to inform the design of programs to benefit community residents.
  • Members of the Greater Hazelwood Community Collaborative (GHCC) who collaboratively designed the census to gather information relevant to their ongoing work on behalf of Greater Hazelwood residents.
  • Residents of Hazelwood interested in learning more about their community and fellow residents.

Trends in home ownership and investment in Greater Hazelwood impacts lives in many ways. Learn about how the housing stock is changing.

This extensive catalog of current and historical studies of Greater Hazelwood highlights the neighborhood’s dramatic past and encouraging future.

Learn more about the group which commissioned and oversaw the development of this community census.

More detailed census response data is available by request to organizations whose mission is to work in collaboration with residents to improve the quality of life.


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